The Volleyball Panda Shirt: Meet Volleybragswag Referee "Panda Mo. Nium"


I'm Coach April and in 2003 I created the Volleybragswag line of volleyball shirts and gifts.

My line of animal inspired volleyball t shirt ideas were designed to be competitive looking volleyball playing beasts that embodied the characteristics needed to perform each of the six basic skills. 

Meet Panda Mo.Nium the Volleybragswag Giant Panda - Referee . . . 

He's the "up" referee who sees everything... especially during night games.  

He loves to show how well he knows the rule book any chance he gets. 

He usually let's captains talk, but not always.  . . . 

Red is his fave color.  . . . 

Calling tight games is Mo’s swag, what’s yours?

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