Get More Float Serve Aces in Volleyball Find and Serve The Weak Passer

 These 6 ways to identify and serve weak passers on the opposing team increases your point scoring ability to serve more aces in volleyball games using the float serve.  

As play develops, start to identify who the weak passers are on the other team. I teach our players volleyball strategies that include talking about what they see happening on the court all the time.  

Not only do they have to see what's happening they have to remember what happened in past plays so when the time comes they know how and when they can exploit the weaknesses of the opposing team.  

Float Serve Targets: How To Find Weak Passers 

When you go back to the service line you should deciding on how you plan on scoring a point with your serve. You can choose two types of float serve targets ...either serving  

  1. strategic areas on the court or
  2. weak passers on the opposing team 

Here are 5 ways to identify good float serve targets...  

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