Offense Volleyball Tactics: Strategies and Plays That Setters Run

 Offense volleyball tactics, volleyball plays and volleyball offenses that setters run. From easy to complex, learn the strategies setters use to run the team.   

A setter can "run a play" with a series of slow or fast sets.  While fast sets are lower to the net, slow sets are higher sets pushed 8 - 10 feet well above the top of the net. 

Fast sets are used to beat the blocker with speed. A setter sets quicker paced balls that are harder for the middle blocker to track, chase or get in front of the hitter to block against.  

Slower sets are often used to beat the block with powerful hitters with great vertical jumping ability. 

Setters with high jumping outside hitters and/or powerful strong hitters may choose to slow down their sets and rely on their hitters ability to jump and reach higher than the block, aim for the seam of the block and power through the block to score a point with their spike.  

Each player on offense will get a hand signal as to the type of set they will get. When all the hitters run the play together that's called a "combination play."   

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