Volleyball Back Row Attack: An Offensive Strategy For Setters To Use

These volleyball back row attack rules explain what can happen when your setter decides to set one of her back row hitters during a rally.  What is a volleyball back row attack? 

A back row attack is an offensive volleyball strategy that happens when the setter sets a ball to a hitter who takes off from behind the ten foot line, hits the ball in the air into the opposing team's court and lands either in front of or behind the ten foot line.  

In serve receive, a back row player, which can be anyone in the second row except the libero, can take part in the offense. 

What's most important about the volleyball back row attack is that the hitter has to take off, meaning, they have to start their spike approach and be in the air to contact the ball...from behind the ten foot line.  

That's what keeps attacking from the back row a legal hit.  To be clear, if the hitter lands behind the ten foot line after attacking the ball, then  

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