The Middle Blocker Volleyball Position Offensive and Defensive Responsibilities

The middle blocker volleyball position blocking and hitting responsibilities, strategies and tips.  

The middle blocker volleyball position creates the first line of defense against an opposing team's attack attempt to score a point or sideout while in offense. Here's what you need to know.  

What the middle blocker decides to block, will depend on what your coach has told you and your teammates in your pre-game strategy meeting or during the scouting session. 

You follow whatever offensive plays and defensive blocking strategies the coach has established for stopping a particular hitter at the net or for neutralizing a particular team's attack in your back row.  

Let's say your coach hasn't established any specific blocking strategies in the game plan, then the area of the court that you decide to take away from a particular hitter is determined by the indications you " read" or "see" and what you have noticed about that opposing hitter's tendencies.   Middles Need To Read and Remember Hitter Tendencies  

The middle blocker is the volleyball position  that needs to remember the most, what an opposing player has done effectively when attacking during the match. 

If you're a middle blocker you want to keep that information in your mental toolbox and pull that information out to use when you go up to stop an attack hit at the net.  

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